An old abandoned truck stands watch over the final remains of Blitzen a small ranch town in the 1940's. Many remnants of the old west remain scattered throughout the area.

Oregon Outback--the place for you if you love quiet, abundant wild life, history, ecology and getting away from it all. This is ranch country with one of the most valued wild life refuges in the west.

Eastern Oregon--Home of the Steens Mountain, Alvord Desert, Malheur Wild Life Refuge and folklore of the rugged West. The Diamond Valley, Steens Mountain and Alvord Desert region of Eastern Oregon is one of the last areas to be left untouched by the quest for profit and tourism. That is changing.

This page is maintained by the Central Oregon Internet Directory and Images & Imaging to provide a resource for those who value and cherish this unique spot as well as for visitors who may anticipate visiting the area. The material has been gathered over the last 12 years and the input is from ranchers and individuals who consider this their home and who have a vested interest in the future of the region, as well as those regular visitors who covet the region for its vast unspoiled beauty and history.

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